Submission Guidelines


To ensure the integrity and quality of our marketplace, we've established a set of guidelines for image submissions. Please review these carefully before submitting your work.

1. Image Requirements

1.1 High-Quality Visuals

We seek banners that stand out for their aesthetic appeal and technical quality. Images should be clear, well-composed, and high-resolution, capable of capturing a viewer's attention instantly

1.2 Original Content

Your submissions must be your own original work. We do not accept images that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Any submissions found to be plagiarized will be rejected, and repeated offenses may lead to account termination.

1.3 No NSFW Content

Hero Banners is a platform for professional use; therefore, we strictly prohibit any images that contain explicit, adult-oriented, or NSFW content. Submissions must be suitable for a general audience.

1.4 Broad Appeal

While we appreciate the uniqueness, we also value images with broad applicability. Your banners should be versatile enough to cater to a wide range of websites and campaigns.

2. Submission and Review Process

2.1 How to Submit

Upload your banner images directly through our platform's submission portal. Ensure that each image adheres to our technical specifications regarding format, size, and resolution.

2.2 Approval Process

Our review team will assess your submission based on quality, originality, and adherence to our guidelines. The approval process typically takes 1-2 working days. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission at our discretion.

2.3 Feedback and Rejection

If your image is not approved, we will provide brief feedback regarding the reason for rejection. Common reasons include low image quality, lack of originality, or content issues. You are welcome to revise and resubmit your image in light of this feedback.

3. Intellectual Property and Rights

3.1 Ownership

By submitting your images to Hero Banners, you retain full ownership of your work. However, by listing your image on our platform, you grant Hero Banners a license to showcase and sell your work to our users.

3.2 Plagiarism and Copyright

We take intellectual property rights very seriously. While we endeavor to screen submissions for potential copyright issues, we cannot guarantee the detection of all copyrighted content. Creators are responsible for ensuring their submissions do not violate copyright laws.

4. Revenue and Payments

4.1 Earnings

Creators earn 80% of the revenue from each sale of their banners. Hero Banners retains a 20% commission to support the operation of the platform and the services we provide.

4.2 Payment Process

Payments are processed and disbursed through Paypal.

4.3 Sales Tracking

You can monitor your sales through your Hero Banners account, which provides detailed reports on your earnings and transaction history.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 Can I remove my listing and content from Hero Banners?

Yes, you may request the removal of your listing at any time. However, if the contents of your listing has been sold multiple times, a notice period may be required to allow customers to download their purchases.

5.2 What if my country is not supported by Paypal?

We are continually working to expand our payment options. If Paypal does not currently support your country, please stay tuned for updates or explore alternative payment methods as they become available.